SAT math test 1

1. What is the solution of 9n+20=-16 ?


2. 10v-6t=3,310
The equation above models the relationship between the speed of sound v ,in meters per second ,in dry air ,and the temperature of the air t, in degrees Celsius.Which of the following expresses v in terms of t ?


The equation 5q+7r=t can be used to determine the total charges, t , in dollars , for an order of sandwiches and salads from Dilini’s catering. If q represents the number of sandwiches and r represents the number of salads in the order, which of the following is the best interpretation of the number 7 in the context ?


4. Which of the following is equivalent to x^\frac{5}{2} , where x>0 ?


5. 3(1-x)=-3x+b
In the equation above, b is a constant. If the equation has no solution, which of the following must be true?


6. What values of x satisfy x^2+5x+6=9x+3 ?


7. 4x-2y>8
Which of the following ordered pairs (x,y) are in the solution set for the inequality above?
a) (1,-10)
b) (2,0)
c) (1,-2)


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